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Camp for kids and teenagers

The Evangelical Christian Church of the Chuvash Republic "Christ the Savior" organized a summer camp for kids and teenagers from June, 18th till 22nd. God has richly blessed the Christian camp. A total of 37 people were able to visit the camp.

The main goal was centered on family.  Children from large families had an opportunity to use their body and soul in camp activities. Nowadays, the vanity of the world attracts us so much as a result it is so important to find enough time for our children. They are waiting and praying about going out of town and spending time with their parents, mentors and friends.

God has given us an excellent opportunity to organize a vacation on the lake surrounded by beautiful forest. We rented several houses, set up tents and gave the rest of time into God's hands. Every day, we began with morning prayers and physical training.

Children were divided into two groups by age. Each group held a daily teaching of biblical truths. Then the children played, swam and went boating.  Football, badminton, relay races, fishing - all this allowed our dear children to relax and have fun.

Our cooks prepared excellent meals. Every evening, services were held at which the children listened to a word of God and sang songs to Him.

We are very grateful to God and to all who helped in organizing children's camps. We hope that these camps will be held in Chuvashia the next following years.

Church of Jesus Christ has to move forward!

Church of Jesus Christ has to move forward!  It holds the responsibility to carry the light of the gospel to all the people of this world.
Church of Christ the Savior, Cheboksary, following the Great Commission carried out two street evangelism trips on March 17th and the 24th.  With the help of auto transportation groups divided into 2-3 people spreading the gospel in the cities of Chuvashia.
On March 17th the sound of good news came to New Cheboksary.  Volunteers pasted signs, gave out magazines and the New Testaments.  Many people with big interest took the literature, and some desired to hear the testimony about our Lord.  This was a wonderful service.  In each group were some that pasted the signs and some that gave out literature, preaching about the Gospel.
We are also posting signs “Do Not Die!”  We cannot watch as satan takes away the futures of many hundreds of thousands of people through alcoholism and drug addiction.  And who, if not the Church of Christ will counter attack the evil forces?  The Lord is searching for people who will sanctify themselves with their time and strength, to multiply the power of God and the greatness of Jesus Christ.
And on March 24th we moved the preaching to the north-west district of Cheboksary.   We have been praying a lot about the spreading of the gospel, so that the Lord prepares the hearts of the people to accept the good news.  We can testify of the fact that in the midst of sermons people are repenting of their sins and are receiving Christ by faith.
We ask you to pray for the work of spreading the Gospel in Chuvash land. There is still so much to accomplish, and we are in need of power to accomplish this.
Let the name of the Lord be glorified through His Church!
Chuvash for Christ!  Russia will see the salvation of God!

God has given our church a wonderful Sunday church service

God has given our church a wonderful Sunday church service.  God is working in the hearts of people.  He is working in the families.  He is continuing to speak to his people.
This February, Sunday morning, even though snow swept in covering everything, the children of God still came and drove to church for the glory of Christ.
The service began with prayer of blessing, than the music group sang.  We glorified and thanked God.
This day at the meeting we had couple birthday people, we were glad to congratulate and present gifts to them.
Pastor of the church, Damir Sharafeev preached on the theme “Through the storm of doubt”.
The following scriptures were used – Galations 3:6-7 and Genesis 22:1-16.  We talked about the faith of Abraham, about victory over doubt.  For Doubt – is the uncertainty in any truth, being unable to solve any-kind of question.
Doubt brought the fall of man into sin.  The fall of man, in its turn, plunged the person into the abyss of denial, insanity, and rebellion.  Falling into this abyss, the person lost his only knowledge of God; he lost the knowledge of self.  He lost the relationship with God and became self destructive.
Life of a person without Christ – is the path of seduction and illusion.  To gain the meaning of life, the person must be in those boarders, which God has designated.
But God has always wanted to fix the connection with his lost creation, which are in need of redemption.  One of these connections was a contact with Abraham.
Abraham was supposed to rise to the level of communication with God.  With faith he was suppose to grasp the meaning of God’s message.  At some stages it was hard for him to do it, but he was able to overcome all doubt.  For doubt visits all people.
How to overcome them?
We must learn to find reasonable arguments and rely on them.  People often doubt that they cannot see, touch nor hear.  But this, which is impossible to disprove in reality can exist.  It also requires a supernatural breakthrough of God's Spirit in human consciousness. This is mercy for people.  People need to know; they need to see the power and might of divine revelation.  This strength and power is realized in the Christian faith.
We had a guest in our meeting, a sister from the city of Chernovtsi (Ukraine).  God with his power used her through the prophetic service.  God gave prophetic word to many brothers and sisters that day.
For all who desired, there was organized a prayer meeting where God filled his people with his power.  People received answers and guidance.  And some examined their relationship with God.
May God bless the Church of Chuvashia and may His Holy name be glorified!

The Gospel has come to the village Khyrkasy

On the last day of March, a group of evangelists “Church of Christ our Savior” with the leadership of the pastor, went to the village Khyrkasy, district of Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic.
During the last year we have gone to this village to spread the Good news, And now after eight months we have been invited again to meet every week on a regular basis.  Glory to God! The Lord is working in the hearts of people, and that seed “The Word of God”, which was sown has begun to bring forth fruit.
Upon our arrival there were eight people that were waiting for us.   Some of them have already heard the preaching of the New Testament, but others have heard for the first time.
I would like to underline their hunger and desire to hear the New Testament.  They asked different questions while we tried to answer them.
Our brothers and sisters testified about themselves and preached about Christ.  They sang psalms and prayed for people.  There was also an opportunity to have personal talks with people about their problems.
We talked about salvation, the point of living. We spoke about what Christ has done for them and that God really loves them.
At the end we had a gathering at the table, which united us even more.  We left, but promised to come back again.  Now they are waiting for us and we have to come back.  For Christ has died for them also.
Let the name of the Lord be blessed!

Women's leadership conference

On January 27 we held women's leadership conference. People who are responsible for holding conferences in Chuvashia take training courses in Naberezhnye Chelny and then tell us what they've learnt.


We were very glad to welcome some new people at the seminar. The fact that the number of people attending the seminar does not go down, but grows proves that they are very helpful. It was a very blessed conference. Its purpose remains unchanged. We try to understand what a Christian leader is and, of course, try to become one. We searched the Scripture to find out different leadership roles and try on these roles.